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Purchase Payments

Manage Purchases Payments

To see purchases payments list, click Purchases/Stocks -> Payments from left sidebar. After that purchase payments list will appear. From here you edit and delete any purchases payment.

Record pay

To do purchase order payment open a purchase order, click on Record pay button. Then follow the following steps-

  • Account: Account means bank account; select the bank name for payment.

  • Payment Type: Select payment type(Paypal, Stripe or Bank)

  • Amount: Enter amount.

  • Attachment: You can add attachement also.

  • Equivalent Amount: When your payment account currency is different from purchase order currency that time you need to exchange currency rate. Exchange rate multiply by amount is Equivalent amount.

    • Equivalent Amount = Exchange rate * Amount
  • Click on paynow button.

See Details

After payment you can see details of all payments from Purchases/Stock -> Payments section.

You can make paymets without selecting any payment method as well as even without selecting an account for Bank payment method.